• TANK TOP: AVEC TOI – KALI TANK TOP – The female top is a sleeveless basic tank top, featuring a scoop neck. The male version is a long sleeve shirt, that fits tight like a second skin. Customizable shininess & environment by hud for latex and leather packs. Available in latex and leather and tactical fabric. @ Uber Event – Cam Sim
  • PANTS: AVEC TOI – KALI PANTS Finding the perfect pair of pants is sometimes like trying to find the holy grail of fashion…and we have decided to bring you just that. Versatile, comfortable, with marked seams, watch, and back pockets, with rivets…oh so flattering! For both female and male. @ Uber Event – Cam Sim
  • SHOULDER HOLSTER: AVEC TOI – KALI SHOULDER HOLSTER This tactical shoulder holster fits perfectly with or without a shirt. On one side, a fashionable firearm, while on the other there are two downward facing magazine pouches for easy access. Let’s be clear…we are armed, dangerous, and dressed to thrill. @ Uber Event – Cam Sim

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