Savage Fatal

Savage Fatal.. 😘
  • Hair: Drawn & Edit – Not available in SL
  • Choker: -Secrets- – Sexy Savage Queen Choker (5 Metal Option / Unrigged – Resizable / Materials ✈ Mainstore
  • Necklace: VOBE – Diosa Necklace ✈ Mainstore
  • Outfit: Lunar – Lamu Set (jacket with fluffeh accents in two styles (normal and cord) bra top in different sheer levels and a tank top in sheer – leggings in opaque, sheer, fluffy and fluffy sheer and panties as well and a set of sneakers with fluff accents as well) Rigged for Lara, Petite, Legacy, Perky and Freya ✈ equal10

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