Decor :: Vanilla Party Set / Atmospheric effects

Set includes: Chocolate Panna Cotta Cake / Cake Table // Food Table / Balloon Arch Twist Ligh // Balloon Floor / Tree Arch Twist Ligh // Champagne Tower / Frame Time To Drink // Tree & Fairylights / Grass // 100% Mesh // 195 prims

Gown :: Glory Gown Dress / Atmospheric effects

Set includes: Bouquet – Earring – Brooch accessorie // *Slink Physique and Hourglass /*Belleza Isis, Freya /*Maitreya and Legacy

Designer Showcase 9th year Anniversary Round ▦ #LoveLove #secondlifeʚsecondlifeʚ◦ɞ #WeddingWedding #secondlifelovesecondlifelove #secondlifeweddingssecondlifeweddings #secondlifeCelestinasecondlifeCelestinas #secondlifeeventsecondlifeevents ##Celebrationelebration

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